Support for parenthood.

In today’s society, we attach far more importance to our children’s well-being than previous generations. This is a good thing, but it also puts enormous pressure on us parents, who, according to society, have a decisive role to play in our children’s development and mental health.

Many parents experience the frustration and stress of not being able to be fully involved either in their family or in their work and activities because of a lack of time and support from outside.

Being a parent is wonderful, of course, but it’s also a real challenge every day.

It’s important to me to break down the myth of the perfect parent created by society and our beliefs, which can sometimes make us doubt our abilities.

We all go through challenging moments in our parenthood, that’s normal and it’s especially important to take care of ourselves as much as we take care of our children. Parenthood is a marathon over time, so you might as well put things in place for today and for the long term.

You take care of yours, I take care of you.

Who am I?

My name is Sophie. I support parents by offering them a safe space where they can breathe, take a step back, question themselves and find ways to fulfil themselves as parents and as people.

To do this, I help them to listen to their needs so that they can take care of themselves and become aware of the strengths they already possess.

After more than 10 years working in the corporate world and taking a career break in 2018, I’ve done a lot of research and training to support women in their new lives as mothers.

Since 2022, my personal journey as the mother of an extraordinary child and the path I’ve followed through my coaching have guided me towards supporting parents beyond the birth of a child and through all the challenges of parenthood, often with a link to work.

Why this choice?

When I became a mum, I didn’t really understand what was happening to me and what had changed for me in all areas of my life. It wasn’t worse or better, it was different (as I often say to the parents I support).

I didn’t have anyone by my side to help me understand and, above all, to show me how to boost my self-confidence and tell me that sometimes, even often, it’s not easy but that it’s OK and that I’ll be fine.

Whatever people say, we all need at one time or another :

  • a space to express ourselves without fear of judgement
  • someone at our side to take our minds off things
  • support to distance ourselves from the things that overwhelm us and to understand so that we can move forward.

Clearly, being a parent can sometimes be a real tsunami, leaving you feeling alone and helpless.

It’s often said that people who change careers bring to others what they’ve been missing, and I can only agree. So that’s my famous ‘why’ today:

  • Provide a space for parents to listen and reflect, to help them take care of themselves and develop their strengths, of which they are often not aware.

  • The second part is linked to companies and my desire to ensure that parenthood is welcomed and taken into account in a positive and constructive way in the workplace.


I support you on your journey as a parent:

parental coaching

SO’YOU – Parental coaching

You take care of your family, but who takes care of you?

When our family is going through a challenging time, we move mountains to take care of our own, forgetting about ourselves. We also need to take care of ourselves during these complicated times so that we can be more present with our loved ones and take even better care of them.

With my tailor-made SO’YOU programme, I suggest :

  • a neutral space to let go of what needs to be done,
  • support in distancing yourself from certain difficult events/situations,
  • sharing ideas with you to help you get your head above water and take care of yourself.

I use my whole heart and my tools to support mums, dads, couples and step-parents.

How does it work in practice?

  • A 15-minute call to get to know you and discuss your current needs
  • A minimum of 6 appointments together over a period of several months
  • Unlimited access to whatsApp throughout the period of support.

SO’BACK – Preparing to go back to work

We don’t talk much about this stage, even though it’s not always easy to get out of your bubble and find a new balance after giving birth to your child a few months earlier.

It’s a big change that involves new working hours, a new organisation and a new childcare system.

What’s the best way to begin this marathon and get back into the job with peace of mind?

SO’BACK is my tailor-made programme to help you get back on track: an approach that combines discussion, reflection and a return to the body to help you embrace this new transition with confidence and a light heart.

The keys you choose to put in place will help you through this transition and all the way through your life as a mother AND a woman.

How does it work in practice?

  • A 15-minute call to get to know you and discuss your needs for the return to work
  • Support for a maximum of 1 month before you go back to work
  • We will have at minimum 3 appointments together
  • Unlimited access to whatsApp up to 5 days after returning to work.

Your comments.

Sophie reassured me before I went back to work by pointing out facts that calmed my doubts. I was so reassured that I was able to go back to work without worrying too much. Sophie always answered my questions with great sensitivity and kindness.


A wonderful person who does an exceptional job, very gently. She listens, follows up and gives me advice that has enabled me to move forward and regain a certain amount of self-confidence! I highly recommend her!


Sophie helped me regain my self-confidence and gave me the keys to a more serene start to my new career, both emotionally and organisationally. What’s more, Sophie immediately created a real atmosphere of trust and kindness, allowing me to share without fear of being judged.


An extraordinary experience and support from an extraordinary woman who guided me with a great deal of patience and kindness. Sophie really understood my personality and my needs. I sincerely believe that you have to live it to understand it and that it’s a unique experience that has had very positive consequences both in my daily life and in my role as a mother.



I’d like to talk to you about how I can help you live your parenthood with peace of mind.

I look forward to discussing this with you during our first call.