Sophie, founder of the So’Mum concept.


My name is Sophie Litt and I am a maternity & parenting coach.

The arrival of my son was an upheaval for me, an incredible wave of love. But not only that; it was also the discovery of the reality of life as a young parent with its share of questions and the lack of space to express myself.

The return to work was particularly complicated for me. Even with an incredible will to do both my jobs as a manager and a mom, I felt completely overwhelmed by the speed of daily life and its constant demands.

After more than 10 years working in the corporate world and a professional break in 2018, I have been training and educating myself to support women in their new life as a mom.

Since 2022, my personal journey and some of my clients have led me to guide parents beyond birth and through all the challenges of parenthood.

I am passionate about personal development and all its tools. I continue to train and to share the fruit of these experiences in my daily work.

Why So’Mum ?

So’Mum was initially created to take care of women in the period around their child’s birth. Literally, “Sophie who takes care of moms”.

The evolution of my work towards parenthood support gives a whole new dimension to my work.

I wanted to keep its original name to keep my mothering, caring and gentle side which often comes out in the feedback from the people I coached. I also see it as a support to reach the “summum” to which one aspires as a person and a parent.

My specificity is to support parents mainly at their workplace via their employer.


I guide moms and parents to meet the challenges of parenthood, mainly within companies that care about the well-being of their employees.

Loving your work is one thing. But it is not always enough to find your balance as a parent and at work. Knowing that our employer takes into account our well-being and supports us in complicated moments of life is for me a strong gesture.

I also support parents in private coaching on request and according to their needs.


The values I like to infuse in my coaching sessions and workshops are:

  • Listening

  • Trust

  • Kindness

  • Sharing

  • Authenticity