A place for parenthood at work

Many “working parents” feel frustrated and guilty about not being able to fully commit themselves to both work and family. 77% of them find it difficult to reconcile the two.

Your decision as employer to support them is a strong gesture of recognition for your employees, and contributes strongly to their sense of belonging to your company.

« When the company shows benevolence and flexibility when you need it, it’s very motivating and makes you want to get even more involved in your work the rest of the time. »

Nicole Melillo, Employee Relations Specialist @Nestlé

« The well-being of our teams is one of our strategic priorities. We want our employees to feel good, perform well and be loyal. »

Anne Thays, CEO Mobidys


my name is Sophie Litt, founder of So’Mum.

Together, let’s unleash your teams’ potential with Enlightened Parenting. Our approach harmonizes professional and personal life, promoting well-being and performance for your employees.


My name is Sophie and I am the founder of the So’Mum concept. I help moms and parents to take up the challenges of parenthood within companies that care about the well-being of their employees.

Did you know ?

When a pregnancy is announced, it is unfortunately common for a “special” climate to appear. The person concerned, her performance at work as well as her team’s and managers’ may feel the consequences.

4 women on 10

are anxious about announcing their pregnancy to their manager.

3 fathers/co-parents on 10

say that they do not take paternity leave because of the effect on their work environment.


More than 1 women on 4

claim to feel discriminated against at work during their pregnancy.

1 in 2 women

reports being overworked prior to maternity leave.

Did you know that :

  • More than 80% of employees are parents

  • 70% of parents report that it is difficult to work full-time and have children, especially women and parents of children of 0-3 years

  • 53% of women reduce their working hours to 80% to spend more time with their families

It is essential to give a place to parenthood in your company and to no longer consider it as an obstacle to the pursuit of your employees’ career development.


« Although the company is not responsible for the overall health of its employees outside the context of its own business, it is no less affected by the impact of its employees’ lack of health. Given that what’s good for the employee is also good for the employer, the latter has a duty to take care of its employees. »

Laurence Breton-Kueny, Director of Human Resources – AFNOR


I offer to create a professional environment that recognizes and values parental responsibilities,

thus stimulating the professional and personal development of your employees.


Parental leave and return to work

Prepare the parental leave for several months & support the return to find a new balance between work and family life.


Parenthood guidance

Guidance for parents facing events that require listening, support, information or help to take a step back.


Raising management’s awareness of parenthood

Understand the challenges of parenthood to take them into account in the management of work and teams.

Parental friendly

Helping to develop a “parent-friendly” corporate culture

Create a sustainable and inclusive working environment by implementing concrete actions to promote the well-being of working parents at work and at home.


Bravo and thank you to Armstrong for this strong initiative and gesture in highlighting the theme of the Family and making it easier to achieve the famous Private-Professional balance towards which so many working people are striving, with varying degrees of difficulty along the winding road. Putting concrete actions behind a vision ultimately makes much more sense than many speeches, however well composed they may be.

And when the consultant is a good listener, empathetic and, of course, non-judgmental, and provides plenty of advice and tools to boot, we can’t help but encourage these initiatives! I’m mega green, so I’m all for it. BRAVO.


Sales Admin Lead & Demand coordination at Armstrong International

Sophie helps us to take the time to express verbally what we sometimes don’t say, to release the tension, and to open up new perspectives on our situation. The solutions are often already within us without our being fully aware of it. Sophie helps us to find them, with kindness and a touch of humour. We can see a situation from different angles, but when we’re stuck on just one aspect, Sophie helps us to see it from a panoramic perspective. In short, she’s a good listener who won’t judge you.

It’s important not to keep everything to yourself. Talking relieves, soothes and lightens.

Thank you to my employer for this great initiative! Just as some companies offer in-house gyms, why not offer parental coaching? It’s all part of wellbeing. A healthy mind in a healthy body. A depressed/fatigued employee will probably do a worse job than a happy one. I think it’s quite a bold move for my company, but I’m very happy about it and it’s great to be able to offer it.


Sales Admin at Armstrong International

Sophie gave me an objective and enlightened perspective that I wasn’t always able to have.

She made me feel less guilty and gave me tips on how to manage my day-to-day relationships better.

This parental support in the workplace is one of the best things my employer can do because well-being at work is linked to well-being at home!


Armstrong International 

These sessions allow me to take some time for myself and get things off my chest. I take stock and step back.

Thank you, Sophie, for your positive and caring way of listening; you always have a little practical advice to give at the end of the session.

Against all odds, I’ve come out with a rather positive view of myself.

In short, a boost to my self-confidence! Thanks to this, I’m also more active and motivated during working hours.

I thank my employer for offering me this little moment of recharging.

An Armstrong International employee who prefers to remain anonymous